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2018 CJA Training Seminar

8:30AM - Registration
9:00 AM - Update on Sessions v. Dimaya
Presented by:
Kevin Tierney, Frost Brown Todd, Cincinnati
9:30 AM - Six Areas to Worry About in Firearms Cases
Presented by:
Leigh Skipper, Chief Federal Defender, Federal Community Defender Office, Philadelphia, PA
10:45 AM - Sentencing Guidelines – Changes and Focus
Presented by:
Ebise Bayisa, Sr. Attorney, USSC Office of Education & Sentencing Practice
1:15 PM - Contempt of Court: A Lynching that forever changed the practice of law
Presented by:
Mark Curriden: lawyer, journalist, legal correspondent
2:15 PM - Case Updates
Presented by:
Claire Cahoon, Research & Writing Attorney, FPD Northern District of Ohio, Christian Grostic, Research & Writing Attorneys, FPD Northern District of Ohio
3:15 PM - Federal resources for noncapital & capital lawyers
Presented by:
Lori Green, Chief of Defender Services Office Training Division, Ubong Akpan, Attorney Advisor at Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Kevin McNally, Federal Death Penalty Resource Counsel
4:15 PM - CJA Vouchers & More
Presented by:
Clerk's Office